Investment Services

IFA’s core holdings are comprised of controlling stakes in the companies that are active across various sectors, where IFA has established leading brands and operations.

Each company in this portfolio focuses on the development of its specific lines of business and is operated by its own highly experienced management team, with the backing and resources of IFA consortium.

IFA has successfully grown the value of its core business portfolios through a combination of organic growth and joint ventures with synergetic partners.

Our Core Holding Investmentd

IFA invests, at various stages, in carefully selected businesses withproven presence in their home markets and willingness to scale in emerging markets.

Investment opportunities are identified on the basis of IFA’s strategic asset allocation across specific sectors and industries. IFA’s financial strength and ability to understand and market opportunities in the Middle East brings to foreign companies an execution edge in these markets, while providing at the same time the backing of a solid anchor investor.

Capital and resources are deployed in any form (JV Partnership, direct equity holding) that allow shareholder value creation for both IFA and its investee companies.

Selected Portfolio Investments

The main objective of IFA’s strategic investments is to foster close partnerships with leading international institutions offering synergies that support our core business.

A significant ownership interest gives IFA representation at the Board level and enhances IFA’s ability to mobilize resources, while identifying and seizing investment opportunities.

In addition to its intrinsic value, our strategic partners give IFA access to unparalleled market intelligence and insights in each of their sectors.

Selected Strategic Investments