Financial Services

Addax Bank

Founded in Bahrain in 2003 with an authorized capital of US$100 million, Addax is a unique player in the dynamic finance industry of the Middle East. As “the investment bank for the next generation”, Addax is recognized for its landmark investment offerings. The bank’s pioneering approach to investing has led to continued success and an expanding portfolio of unique investment opportunities.

Addax’s team delivers fast-paced, innovative solutions for corporate and private clients, by selecting each investment with an eye towards attractive returns and participating in value-creating developments for the region.

Kuwait Invest Company

Kuwait Invest Holding Company KSCC is a Kuwait-based public shareholding company engaged in investment and financial activities.

It invests in companies both locally and regionally with a strategic focus on brokerage, it is the mother company of Al-Khaleej brokerage, one of the prominent brokerage companies in Kuwait, moreover, the company has strategic ownerships in brokerage companies in UAE,Thailand and Egypt.

Its subsidiaries also include Kuwait Invest Real Estate Company WLL, a Kuwait-based real estate service provider; Saudi Real Estate Kuwait Invest Company WLL, a Saudi Arabia-based real estate services company, and IFA Securities Company WLL, which is a United Arab Emirates-based brokerage services provider.

Univest Group

UNIVEST Group, a Kuwait based company, was launched in 2001 to provide unique investment opportunities in international markets. By leveraging the company’s global and regional alliances, UNIVEST Group has sourced and structured various exclusive investments, providing its clients with global access to Direct Investments, Asset Management products, Research, and Corporate Finance advisory services.

Apart from offering solid diversified opportunities, UNIVEST Group’s strategies have been able to mitigate risk to a minimum; thus, contributing to the company’s successful track record.

UNIVEST Group believes in creating unique opportunities through a combination of a global network of trusted partners, diligent research and analysis, and a strategic, value-added pro-active approach. UNIVEST Group’s mission is to provide its clients with superior returns through innovative and exclusive opportunities in international markets