(IFA) The golden sponsor of the annual conference of the National Union of Kuwaiti students in the branch of USA

The International Financial Advisors (IFA) announced its gold sponsorship of the 26th Annual Conference of the National Union of Kuwaiti students, branch of the United States of America which will be held in the ( Long Beach) city, State of California. During the period from 26th to 29th November, under the slogan “Towards new era”.

“IFA`s sponsorship of Kuwait’s Students lists for many years through internship programs adopted by the company each year in its various departments. Our sponsorship of the National Union of Kuwait students is an extension of our investment in the development of young Kuwaiti talent and an affirmation of the company’s role in supporting the students in various areas.” Said Mr. / Talal Jassim Al-Bahar, Chairman of the International Financial Advisors Company (IFA). “We are ready to offer Kuwait students and expatriates in the United States all that will contribute to support the Kuwaiti youth in various fields especially the distinguished work carried out by students of Kuwait in the US to support the community and serve the country.” Added Mr. Al-Bahar.

According to IFA`s belief in its social responsibility towards Kuwait, it is always keen to activate its role in various activities through participating under the auspices of the conference to promote opportunities of communication with students and connecting educational world the professional one to encourage them in various fields. The company will also sponsor the annual major tournament championship for the students that will be held simultaneously which witnesses big audience by the students accompanied by the great enthusiasm and competition among teams from various U.S. cities.

Mr. Al-Bahar concluded by thanking the efforts of those in charge of the conference and stressed his commitment to the importance of the continuation of such events and conferences for its productive value to society